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    burlington county n.j.
    1st one i can remember is a williamson gas hot air , house built in 62. parents bought new. big drum heat exchanger with one burner,no doubt when that sucker lit off. power pile control circuit. just tore it out around 87 for new owners

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    I grew up in an 800 squ. ft. house with a nat gas COZY floor furnace. MY two sisters and me would stand over it every winter morning.
    Please step AWAY from the condensing unit.

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    Originally posted by icemeister
    The old homestead in New Hampshire is now gone, but I now know who to call if I ever run into a one-pipe steam heating system here in south Florida.

    But I'd expect a professional courtesy if I do.
    Hey, no problem. I'm jonesing for a one-pipe fix at the moment, anyway.

    Just doing supermarkets makes you appreciate the finer things...

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    house I grew up in, Alhambra, CA. had a floor furnace.

    it was the third home built on the block. And this was five miles from city hall, Los Angeles.
    So we're talkin' OLD .... here!

    screw in fuses also.
    one or two outlets per room.

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    At five years old my parents bought their first house it was heated with gravity oil heat, I can still remember the flue fires we had, after my father added a basement he bought a gas furnace, piping and fittings from a neihbour who worked for a heating company, then he bought some sheets of galvanized metal, made himself a brake and made his own ductwork and installed it all. He was a sheetmetal worker but worked in an aircraft plant which just about the whole family is or has worked in as well as myself.

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    Frickshin! Et's why we had holes in ar pockits!

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