The trailer we lived in till I was 5 was LP gas.

After we moved to town, house It had oil.. I used to have dreams at night this monster would eat me! my bedroom was in the basement. so would hear it rumble at night.

My parents put in a major addtion onto the house, the oil monster left, and first year, we didn't have any heat.. just the fireplace.. We could see our breath in the basement at times. Luckly no pipes broke.

Williamson came in, but we did not have enough money to hook up the last 4' duct on the supply, so heat just worked it's way up for 4 years, and return was hooked up when the a/c was hooked up..

We did have a wood furnace hooked up, and used that about 90% of the time.

Willie was retired about 5 years ago due it was way undersized for the house, and they put in a new Trane and stop burning wood.. They did keep the wood furnace for just in case.