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I have decided that I, as well as most others, have been caught up in the constant cynical attitudes of the media and people using war and natural disasters as an excuse to propogate hate and regression, and I am going to try very hard to avoid being that way any longer.

The choices that people make should not take away from the fact that when the chips are down, they deserve help. There has been offers of help from just about every nation in the world. While some are attempting to gain from their help, most are just extending a hand to other human beings and that is the way it should be.

The bizarre attitude of so many to blame others in order to propogate their social or political agendas is more of a disaster then the flood damage itself.

Amen Robo. I got beat up in another thread for saying much the same thing. People are hurting now. It's much too early to be slamming them. Some people love to see others suffer. It sickens me.
A little compassion goes a long way.