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    Am I the only one?

    I can tell how busy we are based on how often my phone rings during the day. Just curious if I am the only one who gets plucked from job to job, especially when doing maintenance. When I am working on some of our larger commercial maintenances I rarely get to stay and finish without being pulled off and sent to another job. Am I the only one? Here is an example of a typical busy day.

    (Phone rings) Me: hello
    Dispatch: Chris, its Brenda.
    Me: Ya.
    Dispatch: How much longer will you be?
    Me: Well - (this is were i explain how much I have to do and why it will take so long)
    Dispatch: Well I have calls at etc,etc I need you to (1, pull off if its a maintenance, 2, hurry up and get to the next call)
    Me: OK.
    Dispatch: Thanks.

    Some days it seems like our next customer is more important than the one that I am working for. Am I the only one that gets this?

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    Happens all the time to me. I'd rather be running 7 calls a day, than be stuck changing filters and belts in one place. A "no cool" customer will almost always take priority over a maintenance that you'll probably be at the next day anyways.
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    i get that all the letting calls pile up while in doing a large maint...
    get a call 2 done yet ??? nope...
    well start packing up...ok...
    you have 3 no ac calls to do....oooook....
    why wait and let em piple up till end of day ??? UNSOLVED MYSTERY....

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