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    That sounds good in theory, but is harder for some of us to do in practice.

    Any time an exhuast fan or the dryer runs (unless you have a condensing dryer), you are bringing in outside air to replace the exhaust. You may be able to confine most of that input to a fresh air intake provided for just that.

    But, that outside air comes in whether the AC is running or not, and if the AC is not running, it doesn't get conditioned. For my house, the AC is not running about 75% of the time on a hot day, and much less on cooler days.
    Intermittent exhausts are not a problem, constant exhausts can be disasterous. Look at my graph, some humidity spikes, they go right back down.

    The induced infiltration is coming in through path of least resistance not likely all 160 CFM for a clothes dryer comes in through your 6 inch intake even when the AHU is running, so you are sucking some through your walls as well as in from that vented attic of yours.

    In some cases it will sweat in your wall cavity. The wall should have a drying process like permeable inside finishes and also the positive pressure cycle will resume and dry it out.

    You guys are 30 years behind Canada on what it takes to build a tight house.
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