200 Suspected Insurgents Arrested in Iraq
By JACOB SILBERBERG, Associated Press Writer
2 hours ago

TAL AFAR, Iraq - U.S. and Iraqi forces have encircled the insurgent stronghold of Tal Afar, and the Iraqi military on Thursday announced the arrest of 200 suspected insurgents _ most of them foreign fighters.

The Iraqi military said 150 of those arrested Wednesday in this town near the Syrian border were Arabs from Syria, Sudan, Yemen and Jordan.

The joint forces have reported heavy battles on the outskirts of the city and several bombings that have mainly killed civilians. Iraqi authorities reported most of the civilian population had fled the city, which is 260 miles north of Baghdad and about 35 miles from the Syrian border.

"Our forces arrested 150 non-Iraqi Arabs yesterday in addition to 50 Iraqi terrorists with fake documents as they were trying to flee the city with the (civilian) families," Iraqi army Capt. Mohammed Ahmed said.