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    I am a student looking for help. I'm lloking for any new technology in residential HVAC systems. All the infi out there on the web is very technical and I just don't get it. I need to find out what the new technology is and how it effects basic requirements and design of the system. Any help (in layman's terms ) would be greatly appreciated!!
    Thank you

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    Most of the new tech stuff I am seeing Cathy is in air filtering.

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    Cathy, there is nothing difficult about this field.
    Master the older technology before tackling the latest technology, and the latest won't seem so difficult.

    Print and read my pages to get an overview of what it takes to make a system operate efficiently.

    Buy the latest tech instruments and let computer technology do a lot of the diagnostic work for you.

    - Darrell

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    Residential Tech

    Also check out for a more "whole system" overview. Effcient heating and cooling starts with the building envelope and design. Passive control first, then apply the minimum amount of technology.

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    there is a great text book avaliable. i have an older version but i would like to have all versions i think its called heating and refrigeration technology. my copy is by williAMSON and williamson i think, expensive yes but worthwile!

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