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    Are your gas prices going up?
    Are they as high as ours?

    Just curious.

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    weve been paying more for a long time

    but it has gone up, was about $0.95 a litre before the hurricane, now around $1.33

    so thats about $5.30 a gallon I guess

    I actully went and bought a small car that is being paid with gas savings over the safari.

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    Gas here in edmonton is $1.09/litre which is a crime since we are walking on the stuff.

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    vancouver is about 1.25 litre
    I'll tell you all what! it will be 1.50 litre by christmas
    usa will pay 4 dollars 9/10 gallon - The best tool bags on the market - The offical tool bag of choice by techs everywhere

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    just got back from a weeks holidays. was $1.35 when we left. now its $1.12. southwestern ontario is where we went on lake huron.

    get to fill the work van tomorrow though..good for the points card!
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    I suppose the oil companies feel that the majority of us in the USA have an abundance of money and there are those out there that believe that we have been getting off to cheap for to long

    the $3.00 price is killing me, I only drive to work and back anymore. But along with paying more for gas the price of everything else has at least doubled in the past few months and now that the winter season is approaching, the cost of heating oil, nat gas , lp gas will skyrocket as well

    That hurricane had not even hit land and they reported on the news that due to the hurricane , the price of oil had gone up to the $70.00 a barrel price.

    and they wasted no time raising the price to 6.00 a gallon in the affected areas

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