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    Richmond, Virginia
    Those old SpacePak systems with the high speed cast iron blower wheels were tough.
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    burlington county n.j.
    had window units in early 60s. father started working hvac 1969 brought home an old international harvester that they had pulled out on a job. i was 10yrs old and remember taking that rusty old thing apart to clean up so he could paint it and installed it in our house. sold the house in 76, unit ran until 1982 when new owners had us replace heat and a/c. old sucker was still working when we pulled it.

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    No a/c in parents house while growing up, only baseboard heat. Ceiling and window fans in bedrooms during the summers.

    1999 was the first time I had A/C.
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    What I can remember

    About 12 years old.

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    Location!, Location!
    1972- a Carrier, complete with swearing, cursing installers-

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    My grandparents house always had A/C for as long as I remember.
    Dad's place had a window unit from the early 80's on (still does).
    Mom's place had a window unit from the mid 80's or so. When Mom and I moved we eventually got central installed (mid 90's), man how did we live so long with out it!

    Now that I'm on my own I'm back to a window unit in the bedroom Eventually I'll get around to remodeling the basement and installed duct and a heat pump.

    P.S. Dad was an appliance repairman for 35 or so years. Switched over to HVAC service around 8 years ago, still does appliances occasionally. Needless to say he usually had a decent supply of window shakers, microwaves, dishwashers, and laundry equipment.

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    I'm in this trade largely because of the faltering central a/c our house had when I was a kid. It was one of the first tract house developments with central air (early 60's) used a Lennox condenser with the slanted front and a compressor that sounded like a semi-hermetic. About ten years in it kept eating compressors and the guy who'd come out to replace them was a self employed man who had plenty of patience with my constant barrage of questions.

    Even as a kid I was curious how that thing worked and once I found out how, it piqued my curiosity more. One thing led to another and now I spend my days in a central plant looking after chillers and boilers and air handlers and VAV's and etc.
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    My dad bought a big used window shaker in 67.

    We moved 2 years later, and the dang thing wouldn't fit any of the windows in the new place, it 3 more years till we got a/c again.
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    Originally posted by rimek
    1972- a Carrier, complete with swearing, cursing installers-
    Nothing ever changes

    Had it in my car 3 years before I came across a really old Chrysler Airtemp unit 1982 for our apartment. I installed my parents central in 1984. As payment he gave me his 10,000 wall unit which replaced the 6,000 Chrysler. It sat over the sill of the balcony door. Cooled everything.

    I have not had a set of gauges on my father central since 1984 and he is way too cheap to get someone else to work on it.
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    1989 i was 23 living in an apt i brought a window thumper 6000 btu armana from an old lady. I brought 2x3 and two pieces of plywood and some wheels, I made a stand in the living room and the person below banged on the ceiling when I was sawing wood at 7pm so i stomped sround for 30 mins anyway i wheeled this thing from the living room to the bedroom as needed on the deck
    those were the days - The best tool bags on the market - The offical tool bag of choice by techs everywhere

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    Havet't yet. Only a window shaker in the bedroom. AND DO I HEAR ABOUT IT.

    going to put it in this year. My wife is threatening to sell the house move to Aptos Calif (on the coast with fog). And I can just put up with the commute.
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    We got air conditioning in our home just about the time that The Wonderfull World Of Disney came out in color

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    House I grew up in did not have a/c...don't remember the barracks having a/c...might have just don't after I got married and moved off base into a trailer with my wife....1984.
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