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    I am experiencing something very odd that I have not seen before. I live in NC . I am getting a black dust buildup on my pleated air filter. I put a new one in and a day later I had the same thing. The air handler is in a closet in the laundry room and has a filter grille in the closet door. The house is kept clean and I can't imagine what we would be bringing in that would cause it. I have replaced filters with black dust in industrial air moving equipment, but this seems strange to me. Has anyone experienced something like this?

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    How tall are you Private???!!!!

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    Those fancy designer scented candles with those "rare essential oils". Seems the more "essential oils" the more soot.

    The "gift advisors" (we used to call them sales people) at the gift boutique probably won't tell you about the black "dust" in the HVAC system, the curtains, the wall coverings, the carpet, and your lungs. I think you get the picture.

    Now if you respond by saying you don't burn candles then all I have to say is don't start now. :-)

    Good luck...

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    I also suspect candles. Now If I could just get my wife to read this.

    Bottom line is, those 2 pound candles when they burn, go somewhere, they dont just go away in a vacuum.

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    Hi: Just like to add, my wife loves candles, but she uses Bees Wax candles. They don't give off the sooty black that regular parafin candles do. So tell your wives, gentlemen.


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    Frown ____

    Originally posted by brentplumb
    I am getting a black dust buildup on my pleated air filter. I put a new one in and a day later I had the same thing.

    Has anyone experienced something like this?
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    just get a paper towal and some degreaser. whipe off a spot on the celing and wall. she will see the clean spot

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