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    We've had our Bryant Evolution system for a year (and love it) Now we're looking into a humidifier and maybe a better air cleaner (3 cats, 2 dogs ) I have no idea of what to look at especiaially for teh humidifier. I want to stay with Bryant since it should tie into the system nicely. However we have hard water here(New England)- you should see what happens to room size evaporative humidifiers, and don't get me started on Ultrsonic. Is there an automatic solution that will intall into my curretn system and won't need daily treatments with Lime-a-way?

    My last room humidifier was a Hunter that used an aluminum wick. Even with weekly cleanings, it clogged by the end of the winter with scale. We'd like the whole house for the whole house and not just at night. 7% humidity for 5 monthsi is not fun for an allergy sufferer.

    Also adding an air cleaner. I don't buy into the Ionic Breeze due to teh ozone output, plus it's only one room. A total solution makes more sense.


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    I would go with an Air Bear filter and a General or Aprilair flow thru humidifier. I believe you can purchase filters to go on the 1/4in. water line. In any case, hard water will be an issue. In my opinion, electronic air cleaners are junk.
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    Sorry to post another question but...

    We are going to get a Carrier Infinity 96 Furnace and FE4A Fan Coil and are wondering what cleaner to get. How do you feel about the Carrier FILCAB and the FILCC media?

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    My favorite air cleaner is the Aprilaire(spacegard) 2200 or 2400.. They seem to have the best filter material and do not face load quickly allowing them to usually last 1 year before needing to be changed in the average home.. If you have several pets might need to be changed every six months or if you are retired with no pets you might get 1 1/2 to 2 years if you are a neat freak..

    I just don't like any of the box filters or even the ezflex due to the fact that they seem to face load and must be changed every three months.. you might get lucky and get 6 months..

    As far as a humidifier goes.. Aprilaire is the easiest to service in my opinion,, Bryant(carrier) even rebadge it with their name... I have used a ice maker filter in homes that had hard water or a water softner that seemed to clog up the solenoid valve and screen,orfice..

    Make sure you have your total esp checked before going to a media filter of any type to see if it is possible to use another type of filter without obstructing airflow or throwing that change filter indicator on the Evolution thermostat..

    Good luck

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    Lightbulb Water Purifier

    Originally posted by tcable
    Even with weekly cleanings, it clogged by the end of the winter with scale.
    Sounds like you need a small Water Purification system.

    Google "Water Purification" for your research.
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    a aprilaire himidifier is a smart investment especially w/ hardwood floors. if you can raise the humidity it makes it "feel" warmer. electronic air cleaners i feel are a waste of money. they restrict alot more airflow than standard filtration, are loud, and you wont notice any added performance. these are my personal opinions. i would not install an air cleaner in my house . ever thought of bumping up your standard furnace filter to a 4 inch hepa rather than regular 1 inch. thats something i might consider. you need to have a different filter holder in the duct. its nice to have a 4 inch wide one they also accomodate the 1 inch style.

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    As far as 4" media filters go, what's good? I pretty much ruled out electronic ones.

    I work in a computer room that uses the 4" media (looks like batting material for quilts) The seem pretty useless here- never any dust/discoloration on the filters, but there is plenty on my desk and office floor!

    I'm already running a whole house filter. It gets rid of the bulk of the iron in the water along with the taste/odor issues. I think to really 'fix' the water, I'd need a softener but we're not willing to make the investment, nor do we really have the room.

    I haven't done a scientific analysis of our water, but the scale is pretty bad, and we get our water from suface reservoirs as opposed to wells. I don't want to adda humidifier just to repalce it after a season or 2 due to clogging by the water.


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    I would recommend the Lennox HEPA filtration unit. You can tap it directly into the return duct system without retrofitting the return plenums or disrupting the setup of the initial installation. They are a bit more expensive, but they work great. We put a lot of them in and test before and after with Air Advice. The results are phenominal. There isn't a better 99.97% HEPA whole home air filter out there. As far as electronic goes, we ONLY install the Aprilaire 5000. We feel it is the best on the market for the money. I have one on my house and it does an awesome job. The main drawback is that sometimes they can be difficult to retrofit into an exisiting system. They can also cost more to retrofit since the whole system has to be modified.

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