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    In business it is usually all about volume to get a better price break. I would assume, as business people, you could get a better price break if you bought huge quantities from your supplier.

    I wonder is this true with gasoline? Does the Walmart Supercenter gasoline station get a better price break say than the corner gas station because Walmart has bigger tanks and sells more and is backed by Walmart? Or regionally does everyone get the same wholesale price? Hence the need for the corner station to be higher than the big boys?

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    Supermarket gas stations can operate at zero margin because they expect you to get gas after you've done your grocery shopping...

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    Check out Bill O'Reilly at Fox news. He has some good info and suggestions for the oil companies. Actually, he is attacking them for their greediness.

    Don't buy gas on Sunday.

    Boycott France.

    Boycott China and all things made there. (My opinion)
    What they promised in Aid for the US Red Cross was rediculous.

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    I dont get the buy no gas on Sunday, How dumb is that. It would be a little smarter to comit to using a little less gas, or try to commit to not driving on sunday or something more like that . Now if your someone that goes through more then a tank of gas a might save something. So what good does it do if the guy tanks up on saterday or monday and doesnt use more then a tank a day..... I dont get it, whats that going to save?

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    Hmm Around here

    Gas prices are $2.79 a gallon. Which is the same for Walmart gas. Here in South Texas we have a lot of Citgo stations. They offer 3 cents off of a gallon of gas, if you get one of their gas card offers. Sort of like a gift card. So you pay $2.76, but you pay them up front for the card $100, $500? Hugo Chavez, I don't know what to think.

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    in wisconsin they recently passed a law that prohibits gas stations for selling at less than 6% profit (or maybe it was 6 cents a gallon). this was to stop the mega stations from running the ma and pop places out of business.

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