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Thread: A Jewish boy

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    A Jewish boy

    A Jewish boy asks is father if he can borrow 5 dollars.....the father says, 4 dollars? ... what do you want to borrow 3 dollars for?
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    That wouldn't work on the Jewish boy who was so bad in math that his parents resorted to sending him to a Catholic school that was noted for the success of it's math courses.

    The first day the boy came home from that Catholic school, he set right down to his math homework and stayed at it until he got every problem solved. At the end of the week, the boy aced his first math test with an A. His parents were overjoyed.

    Over the weekend the boys mom asked him what was so different about this new school that got him to be so good with math. The boy replied; Mom, the first day I walked into that classroom and saw they had nailed some guy to a plus sign, I knew that they meant business!, and ye shall find;..
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