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    Hard water stains?

    Hi all. I get these hazy white spots on my eating utensils, dishes, counters, etc. from wherever water drops dry. Is this what is meant by 'hard water stains'? Is there anything I can do about this like some kind of water filter? I probably need one for the whole house (sounds expensive) but would also be interested in one for just under my kitchen sink where the majority of the spots get noticed.

    FWIW I live in a 120 house neighborhood where we all are on a community well system.

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    Limescale and water hardness is common. The community well should be tested. Softeners and other salt free systems are available to treat the water either for your whole house or at the point of use.

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    I have been reading up on 'buying guides' at Home Depot and Lowes yet none of them recommend a specific type of filtration for limescale or calcium. Is that because the filters they carry do not remove this type of problem?

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    White Vinegar will remove them. You can add some to the dishwasher too.
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    I'd check with the operator of the well, ask them to check the chemical feeders. Try to find out how often they flush the system. I have a private well and every three to four months, I shock the well and flush the system. For my dishwasher, I buy the cleaning pack, place it in the dishwasher and run it through a normal cycle. Inside your Rinse aid dispensor. there is an adjustment for how much rinse aid is used.

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