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    Thank you vmc1161. I'm sure now both fan and compressor open on both units. Changed both out with concord dry units and all working perfectly.
    My point with this post was could I be missing some weird little characteristic of the carrier units of this time period but I guess I was miss understood. My use of the English language may not be the best but I'll continue to work on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zimprops View Post
    Ok. Both condensing units have 120 volts coming in on both legs. When the relay closes, whether from the tstat signaling to send voltage or if I push the plunger I get 120 volts sent to the compressor, cap and fan as appropriate. My concern has been why do both these units do the exact same thing and they are so similiar in make and model. There's no reset that I know of and they are both simple units. I was hoping somebody who works on carriers could give me some advise and i guess I'm thinking too much...

    Your mistake is simple. We are not permitted to give DIY advice in open forums.

    If you dispute that you are a DIYer, then read the rules for pro membership, apply for it, and when granted, you can post technical questions in the Pro Technical forums.

    And we will be happy to help you there.
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    Closed apply for professional membership so we can help you in the pro forum

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