I am not ashamed or think my country is in decline because of this disaster. Katrina was a disaster this country has never seen. I am told by foreign media that as an American I must be ashamed and in agony over Katrina. These "know nothing about America" media heads are giddy over the New Orleans disaster. If the worlds media has some kind of formula for disaster preparedness or acts of god please let us know. There has been more than one time that we responded to theirs with out criticism.

If there was any lack of preparedness it should start with the city government that left the elderly to die in nursing homes, but that city's mayor is black and that would be Politically Incorrect to say. Next would be the Governor but the Governor is a woman, a Hispanic woman no less. Oh no we can't go there. It must be Bush's fault for invading Iraq. Bingo!

America will get through this disaster like we did September 11th and will continue to get stronger as always. This nation survived the civil war, the depression, the world wars, communism and the best the Muslim fanatics could throw at us and Celin Dion. We will continue to pray, prosper, face our enemies head on, travel to space, invent new technology, be pragmatic and recover from disasters because we are Americans and we have friends left that know these things.