On a brighter note (and God knows they need one) about the after math of Katrina.

I am not in construction in any form or fashion. I still sit in awe by what I am seeing on CNN the devistation and suffering.

I am listening to the "experts" some predict the USA will now go into a recession because of Katrina. One said any boom in re-building will be local to the affected areas.

I don' think they are right. It would look to me like re-building all of the affected areas will create jobs, increase the demand for everything in construction. Hence helping the economy. It also sounds like they are going to re-build the places. Would there not be an influx of trades people as well to help but not move there? I also wonder would the states relax the certifications you all hold for license requirements?

Of course the real deal killer is petro. It will take massive amounts for all the efforts.