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    Jul 2003
    Yep, too bad you all have to go back to work tomorrow. I have 6 more days of vacation. Seriously, I won't be thinking of you all while I'm kicked back at the beach.

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    I would rather be working than jury duty.
    Hey cockroach, don't bug me!

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    Dec 2002

    Show up

    Drunk or stoned. See how long they keep ya!!

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    I'm gonna wear either a tye dyed grateful dead shirt or an NRA one with a big gun on it, that ought to get me home quick.
    Hey cockroach, don't bug me!

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    Jul 2002
    Slacking off right now
    I'm betting on the nra that's the winner - The best tool bags on the market - The offical tool bag of choice by techs everywhere

    Arguing with some people is like wrestling a pig - eventually you realise the pig actually enjoys it

    Gonads serve a useful purpose but are no substitute for brains

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    Just dress in your daily apparel. They will think you're a freak and let ya off right away.

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