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    Please I need some expert opinions !!!

    Ok I have a 2 1/2 ton 10 seer goodman round 90 some model. I assume I have a matching indoor coil. It can not keep up in 90 degree weather. I live in a trailer or tin can I call it. I have a 95 bryant 2 1/2 ton high effeciency unit with a 95 amana before goodman bought it out brand new in box high effeciency a coil for for 2 to 3 ton. unit. The Bryant condensing unit is so huge compared to my goodman condensing, unit way more coil. Of course I know high effeciency does The a coil is also much bigger. My A coil has a expansion device for a 3 ton. Do you think it will cool better than my 2 1/2 ton goodman with a orfice metering device?? Is 2 1/2 ton 2 1/2 ton no matter what?? Am I barking up the wrong tree thinking it will cool better cause its high effeciency?? Hvac journeymen David Please help !!
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    2 1/2 ton is 2 1/2 ton.

    Your "tin can" might need a bigger unit or it might need something else no way to tell from here. Ask your neighbors who they use and give them a call to take a look at your setup and give you some recommendations.
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