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    Where do you get your parts - Canada?

    Where do you guys working in Vancouver or Canada get your replacement parts from? Key Food Equipment and Russell Food Equipment are the two big companies that supply parts in Vancouver, but they're expensive, even if you're a service contractor.

    I was looking at Parts Town - the online parts store in the US. Has anyone used them before and how would you rate them?

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    I have ordered from Partstown before, It seem like it took for ever to get the part that they said was in stock. I use allpoints, heritage and whaley food service. Im in the US.

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    Used Partstown several times- they are ok by me

    In fact I just ordered an infinite switch for an APW soup warmer, ordered on the 17th and it arrived on the 21st. As long as it said the part was in stock, it came quickly.
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    My business is Eichenauer Services and we can help you with whatever you need. You can call 800-252-5892 and reach our customer service line. Tina, Laura, and Mike are very nice and knowledgable and can help you with whatever you need.

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