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    Y'all know I got lots of patience.
    Ya know I try my best to be understanding and friendly. Especially with strangers.

    I got calls this weekend. No biggee.

    The office forwarded all calls to my cell.

    well ... about six hours ago ... just a little before TWO AM .... the phone rings.

    I reach over to answer it and what do I hear???.... "uh ... who is this?"

    Gads ... it's the number you called buddy!!! (I thought)

    "This is such & such contracting" I reply.

    then I hear ..."I'm looking for Donna's son."

    "is he there?"

    2Am .... now let's see .....

    A) the clock at the bar was running fast so he got released EARLY!

    B) he noticed his cousin wasnt with anyone, so they left TOGETHER!

    C) he went there with his sister .... they both struck out so they left early...TOGETHER!

    D) he ran out of money, couldnt buy any more brew so the bartender threw his sorry tooosh outa there ... and THAT'S why he called at TWO AM!!! He was looking for someone to buy him more beer!!!

    nobody's got the right to be more stupid than God made them.
    And that guy ... whoever he is ... is VIOLATING that rule!

    on second thought ... I bet that sucker is asleep right about now.... probably all hung over and everything ... I bet if I looked up his number in my phone .... and called him from somewhere else ...

    NAW ... that would be wicked.
    That would be vengeful.......

    I know .... I'll look up his number and post it HERE so "volunteers" can call and cheer him up once in awhile!

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    Come on R12, lets have that number.
    Read, read, read!

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    I can't stand this anymore.

    Bob. Buddy. Freind. Dude. Bobster,

    Let me understand this situation. You have gone to work for a shop that sticks you in a ford ranger pick up with no ladder rack, no parts, nothing, and then you take calls like this. This is a business correct??

    Are you understanding my drift at all?? Cause this place your working fdoes not sound at all good.

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    and if he is really stupid he wont take the phone off the hook and that bell can wake him up every 5 min or so

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    the idiot who phoned @ 1:51 in the morning ... his number didnt show up in my display.
    So I cannot post it here for y'all to have sport with...

    Oh well ... such is life.

    D4 ... I hear what your saying.

    And I agree, some things are not right.

    of course I dont like doing residential stuff. I've done very little of it over the years.
    But it's a paycheck.
    And it's where I happen to be right now.

    In other words, I believe there is a purpose in everything. Even the stuff which appears at first to be junk!

    If I posted all the stuff that would make y'all laugh ... it would appear like I was putting down the people I work for.
    And that is not my intention.

    They're not perfect, but they were smart enough to hire me.
    And I consider myself to be a very good employee.

    I would hire someone like myself, if the roles were reversed.

    one of the guys I work with, the other service guy ... he is interested in partnering in doing service together. Getting the State liscensing and all ... then going for it.

    And I am seriously considering this move.
    Trouble is, right out of the gate we would be under-capitalized, financially. Which would be a tough nut to overcome.
    Not impossible, but tough nonetheless.

    and if we both enter into this venture, we will make it.

    but that is a whole nuther subject.

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    Okay now your talking crazier than before. Your talking to a guy, who you have only known less than a month, maybe two weeks if my memory is correct, about joininG TO BE IN BUSINESS togther.

    I am done. Sorry brother. Your nutty.

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    OK R12,

    At the risk of being rude I am going to give you an opinion on what I think the problem is, feel free to ignore anything I may say in the following remarks,

    I think you are full of ****,Always playing some holier than thou I am a Saint standing on high moral ground and I just need a chance,but everybody is always picking on me role.

    Then posting a bunch of crap about your employers to sway everyones vote to your side when you up and quit your jobs, If you don't want to work then quit the ****hole place, but it is not that companies fault that you are working there it is yours and yours alone.

    You either totally suck at this stuff or you just do not want to work, I think it is probably a combination of both.A man with a family to feed ( Saint or Not Saint ) would take whatever job he had to and shoot for a better one when the opprotunity comes , not just quit and let your family suffer and blame the system for being unemployeed , face it anyone in this industry with a shred of talent and two shreds of willingness to work , can find a decent job. Sorry R12, but you are getting ridiculous already, Charlie Brown didn't even have that much bad luck.

    There ya go, it seems you want everyones blessing to quit your job, OK you got mine, just quit, I don't blame ya.Go on welfare for a while til you find the job you are looking for, there that was easy.

    You complained about being on call, it was unbeleivable to me . Although it was pretty rude of them to put you on call for the holiday, but you did say that there are only two techs, so maybe it wasn't such a irrational move on their part, I don't think you are going to get much sympathy here , when you complain about being on call.

    Now your going to jump into a business with a guythat you have known for two weeks, just blows my mind, quit waiting for someone to tie your shoe get out there and work your way up the totem pole lazy ass.

    [Edited by gruvn on 09-05-2005 at 05:26 PM]

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    That was pretty friggin harsh!! From the last few post R12 has posted I don't think he was asking anyones permission to quit his job. Exactly the opposite, others are telling to cut and run and he is defending his employers by saying it may not be the best job to have but it's the one he has right now. Now I think it is pretty crazy talking about going into business with someone he's only known 2-3 weeks. That is pretty messed up. As far as working for a smaller company, my last job was only the owner, the owners son and myself. Did I get rich, **** no, was it ran like some large business, no, but did I like who I worked for, hell yes. It was exactly where I needed to be for that year and a half to move on to something else.

    I don't know much about R12 or anybody else here but we all have our own path to follow and if we make mistakes then WE MADE THE MISTAKE. Hopefully we learn from it and move on.

    R12, listen to yourself and be honest, maybe these guys see something I don't. Be true to yourself and try to make the best decisions for you and your family. Good Luck!


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    Seriously R-12

    Pack up and head to New Orleans. Live out of the truck for awhile and make sum great coin. You might even set up shop and homestead.

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    Re: Seriously R-12

    Originally posted by rob10
    Live out of the truck for awhile
    I can picture that already. Him trying to climb over a seat full of clothes and tools to get out of the passenger side when he's trapped by the ladder again

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    Hey Amrick, you are not reading his posts correclty they are choc full of excuses to quit his job, he is just tossing them out ther to see which ones we agree with, so that when he quits. It will seem to us as justified. He got laid off from the last place. There is obviously something wrong with his work ethic,

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    anybody else see 'troll' in gruvn?
    Everyone has a purpose in life..........even if it's to be a bad example.

    Seek first to understand, before seeking to be understood.

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    I am not a troll,

    Don't tell me you guys can't see it. You see it but are afraid to say it, hey if he is going to selectively spill his guts then I am going to selectively cut them up. Act ignorant if you want too. Dow is the only other person with enough balls to say what he thinks of the crap. Why don't you ?

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