Y'all know I got lots of patience.
Ya know I try my best to be understanding and friendly. Especially with strangers.

I got calls this weekend. No biggee.

The office forwarded all calls to my cell.

well ... about six hours ago ... just a little before TWO AM .... the phone rings.

I reach over to answer it and what do I hear???.... "uh ... who is this?"

Gads ... it's the number you called buddy!!! (I thought)

"This is such & such contracting" I reply.

then I hear ..."I'm looking for Donna's son."

"is he there?"

2Am .... now let's see .....

A) the clock at the bar was running fast so he got released EARLY!

B) he noticed his cousin wasnt with anyone, so they left TOGETHER!

C) he went there with his sister .... they both struck out so they left early...TOGETHER!

D) he ran out of money, couldnt buy any more brew so the bartender threw his sorry tooosh outa there ... and THAT'S why he called at TWO AM!!! He was looking for someone to buy him more beer!!!

nobody's got the right to be more stupid than God made them.
And that guy ... whoever he is ... is VIOLATING that rule!

on second thought ... I bet that sucker is asleep right about now.... probably all hung over and everything ... I bet if I looked up his number in my phone .... and called him from somewhere else ...

NAW ... that would be wicked.
That would be vengeful.......

I know .... I'll look up his number and post it HERE so "volunteers" can call and cheer him up once in awhile!