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Thread: EC-67 scheduler

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    Tried working with the scheduler in the EC-67 today. This device does not have a 'real time clock'. I found that I could create a Real Time Clock FB for the Ilon100 and a Node FB for the EC-67 and connect the nvoRtTimeDate to the nviTimeSet between the FBs to get the scheduler to work. My question is: Is this the most effective or 'economical' way to achieve this? Is there another way?

    I realize of course that I could use the scheduler in the iLon but the exercise was to learn to use the EC scheduler.

    The literature is not very good so I find the best way to learn is to experiment a little.

    Thanks guys.

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    EC-67 has no RTC as you say. You may want to use EC-4,8,or 12. They have RTC and scheduler.

    Using ilon100's scheduler is one possible way, but sometimes it is nice to have rtc and scheduler in the same device, it is compeletly standalone. Not simple to maintain though if you have many devices with their own schedule.

    When iLON100 came out it had a lot issues with its scheduler part. It is probably all fixed now.

    Remember, whatever scheduler software you use make sure it is interval driven and not time/event driven. Meaning some scheduler software only triggers at exact time and once. So if the controller is off (black out) during these times, the event is missed and not triggered. The scheduler does not check itself to see what to do, it just looks at present time and looks forward to do what is next.
    And always double check the manufacturer's claims.

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