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    We're California. Pay For us.

    California Democrats are getting rid of the finger printing requirement for food stamps.

    the finger printing process (which i don't really agree with) was implemented to help stop food stamp fraud.

    the goal is to collect matching federal dollars for all the freebies the state hands out.

    i don't know how they came to these numbers , but according to the state, 50% of the people who could qualify for food stamps are detoured by the finger printing process.
    in other words, California is hoping to DOUBLE it's food give away.

    somehow, having someone place their finger on a piece of plastic and recording the information in a computer costs California 17 million dollars per year.

    of course, fraud will increase, this will roll out the red carpet for another percentage of Mexico to come up here,
    ...not to mention, the Armenians who have no problem running a successful business, going to the super market in their Mercedes , then pulling out food stamps to pay for everything.

    ...all paid for by the generous Americans.

    gee, i wonder if Federal taxes will be going up in the future

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    Kalifornia, I can see a bail out coming......

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