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Thread: My Experiment

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    Aug 2003
    Baltimore area
    I was paid a visit from our local authorities lastnight ! I had a little cook out/party yesterday and after 3 gallons of home made rum punch , we decided to have a fireworks show . After about 10-15 big pretty booms and light shows up in the sky , I recieved another light show in the form of police sirens comming down the alley behind my house. I had just lit the fuse on the final and biggest firework of the night when the pig came blaring down my alley ! He got to see a pretty nice light show before chewing me a new a$$hole !! He was cool about it though and did not arrest me or give me a ticket !!

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    Those same cops paid me a visit last year......oh well, it was fun while it lasted.
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    Now see, there are decent cops
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    No I didn't pass out or get arrested. Actually the neighbors got louder than I did and so I figured what the hell and gave up at 9:30. I know I'm a friggin lightweight and can't keep up with all these younger punks around me. At least I don't like **** today like they do.

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    Hey Larry (the cable guy) have you been drinking. No officer that's my wife.

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    Originally posted by workhorse
    Actually the neighbors got louder than I did and so I figured what the hell and gave up at 9:30.
    Then you couldn't sleep so you called the cops on your neighbors.

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