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    Question Will this work? Need you expert opinion!

    Hello fellows!
    Just joined to see if I could get your expert opinion on something. I been retired for 29 years, so Im sure I no longer meet your profession requirements here, but hope you will allow me one question. I really need the vast knowledge I see here! I just purchased a window A/C for my shop. Looking it over I noticed something I dont like! It has the standard louvers on the sides and top, and the back is wide open. Probably not a problem most places. However, here in Texas we have a wide variety of wasps, hornets, and other creatures looking for a home. We have one tiny little bee (the leaf cutter or mason bee) that can put 6 inches of leaves in an air hose over the weekend. Any hole over 1/8 in diameter left where they can find it, will get filled.
    My question to you is: if I put window screens (the metal type) over the louvers and back, will this impede the operation of the unit. Anything with larger mesh is not going to stop these little rascals. But I dont want to over-work the unit. I suppose if the unit ran all the time, the noise and etc, would keep them out. But this will only be on when I need it.
    Thanks for the help! As you can see this is not a question that will take funds away from anyone.

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    You can use the screen, but you will have to check it evry few days to make sure it's not plugged with dirt, leaves,lint etc. The unit has to breath, and the coil and louvers are it's breathing equipment.
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