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    I do mostly commercial, with corporate accounts. One of the requirements is that any tech I send has a name tag for admitance to the job. After a few times of the techs forgetting their name tags, pin on kind, and me having to send another tech I had them sewn on their company uniforms.
    All of my techs seem to like this better. I also have their names on the drivers side door of their vans, which makes them feel better about the cleanliness of their van.
    This is not cheap, as all of this cost me money, but the techs take pride in how they look and how their vans look.
    I don't see "how" this name tag issue is a problem, unless you just don't want someone to know it is you who is doing something?

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    i can see both sides of the argument but it is really annoying going somewhere besides work and having someone say hey vic whats up etc. meanwhile you have never seen this person before.

    i have been with my company for 12+ years and all the customers know who i am and all about me. by the way we do not have our names on our shirts anymore just the company name and those of us who are star certified also have that logo on the opposite side of the shirt chest.

    by the way i have never been to a new job where they need to fill out your name and company name in a log actually look at the shirt and get the company name and or persons name. they could be looking right at it and still ask who i work for and what my name is. i used to laugh at this because it used to happen all the time, but every deli i go to no matter if i was never there before they know my name

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    Originally posted by bornriding
    I have names printd on my uniform shirts so that the customer can feel a little more comfortable - They know who it is that is working on their equipment, and they will usually look at the tag & then call me by name. It makes the job seem more personal.

    This is why I like it.

    When I was a contractor, my guys had nice shirts with company logo and their name.

    for one outfit I worked .... the boss was extremely overstressed and spent a lot of time away from the office where he could run things. So stuff got behind.

    I never got shirts so I felt kind of left out there in left field ... so to speak.

    Well, one day in the office, I saw this pile of half a dozen shirts. All my size with company logo and all.

    I asked whose those were.

    The boss says; "those were Juan's, he's the one who just left last month."

    So I tried one on, they fit so I took em and began wearing those.

    Now I was known at all the parts houses. I had been around so cal for YEARS.

    I enter this one store and the hispanic coutner man recognises me, says hello, then looks at the name on my shirt.

    "Bob ... why do you have "Juan" on your shirt?"

    I replied: "It's just my way of bonding with my Mexican tradesmen brothers."

    The counter guy got this real strange confused look on his face ... and the white guys behind the counter just fell over laughing!!!

    They just knew I would say something off the wall.

    And I worked like that for months. And it was NEVER a problem anywhere I went.

    Personally, when I venture out again on my own, I will have good looking picture name tags made up.

    If they are good enough for hospital staff to wear, they should be good enough for mechanics in our trade to wear also.

    it lends some sence of legitimacy to the individual there who is doing the work.
    It sets the customer at ease.
    It provides a sence of accountability.

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    The only name tag I did not mind was when US AIRFORCE was on the other side of the shirt.

    But then you would have your last name on your shirt. You could have NATE and the other credentials on your shirt, also. The longerr service and better trained, the more "decorated" a veteran of the HVAC service
    Col 3:23

    questions asked, answers received, ignorance abated

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    Wow, everyone is all over the board on this subject. In our company you can have your name on your shirts or not. Your choice. Nobody has chosen to have their name on the uniforms even though it cost nothing extra for the company.

    I am against name tags because of safety. I remember one time I was working on a high security missile base. The plastic name tag that they gave us got sucked off my shirt and got shredded in a high speed condenser fan. The flying pieces could have put someone's eye out.

    We do put the techs name in small letters on the door of his truck. They seem to like this. It is like giving them a "Captain of the ship" statis. "This truck is managed and operated by Kevin." So to speak.

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    I use Cintas for all of my uniforms. Cintas WILL NOT provide uniforms to me without a persons name and a company name over both front shirt pockets.

    VanDyne Crotty had the same policy.

    So guys, the reason may just be that the uniform company that the company you work for uses, just has to have it their way.

    If I delete the name, they sew on a patch with no name! Go figure.

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    Originally posted by R12rules

    "Bob ... why do you have "Juan" on your shirt?"

    I replied: "It's just my way of bonding with my Mexican tradesmen brothers."

    Too damn funny! LOL

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    No names on my shirts, but I do commercial... If I were to work for someone who required it my name would be "Lucky"... no need for any customer to know me that personally, it's a job not a damn love-fest.

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