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We all have said why is there no respect for the trades from people out theere
this to me having my name stitched on the shirt and not removable means oh well I don't know how to put it but it bugs me.
Most other professions have a removable name tag Eg: the hotel industry. retail etc.
I think this is part of the respect issue How can you respect a guy whom has his name sewen on his shirt.

I was kind of getting at WHY a company does this, what is the reason behind it? Is it just because all of the other companies do it in the area is it because its automatic and it has always been done that way?

I am proud to waer the company logo on the shirt but my name on the shirt is too much a clip on ID tag should do the trick and business cards should be sufficent
Ummmmm. I guess I don't get it. What makes a sewn on name tag disrespectful? Why can't you respect other people with them? ALl mechanics, military,and most tradesman have them.

You do know that a pinned on name tag would not last a month. First you have to take it off and put on every day. Then it gets caught everytime you lift/move something. They get broke/lost all the time. The employer has to trust the guys are wearing them and not leaving them in the truck or at home.