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    Something great could become of this for a great many impovershed people here. As they get needed assistance from private and public, this could be the help these people need to break a cycle of poverty in their lives, break off from drug addiction.

    What is going to happen to them if they don't try themselves to pick themselves up from this?

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    Sink or swim time.

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    How are we even going to house these people. They can't live in the Astrodome forever.

    I honestly think for many their situations will only get worse.

    They had very little money to begin with and now they have absolutely nothing.

    Let me ask you something. Would you sit there for 6 days waiting for someone to fly you outta that town. I suspect your answer would be the same as mine, "Hell No." I would have walked out if I had to. I would have found my way out of that situation as would many of us that come to this site would.

    The unfortunate thing is we have a different philosophy on life. I am not gonna sit around and wait for someone to come help me.

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    It seems to me that using the closed military installations around the country would be a good choice for
    temporary housing.Many places would need only minimal work if any at all to be livable.
    If it is good enough for our military it is good enough for them

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    the price of progress

    The countrys affected by the tsunami have infrastructure and 21st cent. technology they never would have attained otherwise. Fishermen are now learning to use modern power boats with electronic fish finders instead of building new dugout canoes for them.

    These people *****ing and raising hell now will be living in new homes with plasma tvs in a yr. The utilities, road net, bridges, waterways, communications, evacuation routes, emergency offices, and response equipment will all be state of the art. I look at Charleston, SC. They got a new 800mHz radio system for emergency services on the spot. I lived 12 miles out of town, 100 miles from the coast yet was without power for 10 days. We were told before the storm cable tv might not ever make it down my road. 6 months later, we were watching cable.

    Every cloud has a silver lining. I'd just like to see these race Nazis do something righteous for once and point out the positives about all the coming together helping strangers out regardless of color or paycheck. The news idiots do not report good news. They pay Geraldo to cry on tv making a scene holding crying babies. The baby is crying because he's worried Geraldo might hit on mommie.

    There are a lot of wonderful people doing wonderful things not being recognized.

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    Hearthman, good post. I agree. They'll p&m now not realizing better days are ahead...for those with patience.
    No reserve. No retreat. No regrets.

    For those who have fought for it, freedom has a sweetness the protected will never know.

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