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    For those of you.....mainly in Georgia somewhere......the mayor has 10 Pat buses ready to go down to NO and bring back as many people as they can hold to put up in free housing and food till they can get back on their feet.
    We have already sent utlitiy workes to help restore power and such, our state is sending 2500 national guard as well.
    Many events here to raise money for them too.
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    Dice I hope they let yall come but I seriously doubt it. We have many people locally that have rented out charter buses and sent them down to N.O. and they are being turned away, thats right people still in need, and they are turning some people's only hope away.

    Does this suprise yall? What thats not on the national news? Thats right there are so many things going on down here yall have no clue about whatsover, the buses being sent in by the government returning only half full and sometimes empty because "the people arent where we went looking for them".

    If yall only knew, if yall only knew.

    Thanks Dice for the efforts that your city is putting forth, you have no clue how much we appreciate what yall are doing, and that goes for everyone on this site that is trying to help us out, either individually or at the local or state level, yall are some good kind hearted people and it makes me proud to know yall.
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    Our thoughs are with you all, every day.
    Hang in there.
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    I saw last night that Cinergy is sending down a brigade of utility trucks down to help restore power. My wife told me what Pittsburgh was doing also.

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