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Thread: Jury duty......

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    I'm assuming you got called for Criminal, not Civil ?

    Last time for me was about 5 years ago. Ya head down to the Allegheny County courthouse, they put you all in a room, and call you as needed. Turned out I got to go home at 12 noon because there were enough others and no cases to be heard. Make sure you take plenty to read !!!! You could sit for a few hours and not do anything or hear from anyone ! If I remember correctly, they make you shut off cellphones now as well. Don't quote me on that one though.

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    Re: Dice,

    Originally posted by special ed
    maybe you oughtta go ahead & do your civic duty without whinin' or complainin'. It's called being a citizen.

    I've never got a jury summons by certified mail..........
    So I just throw um out with the garbage. If they ever ask, "I never got it". They cant prove it 'cause theres no recipt of delivery.
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    I was on first of August, took 2 days. Had to decide the fate of a Snoop Dogg clone who got into an altercation with his fine ex girlfriend. Really was an interesting experience.

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    I am taking a book to read, last time many years ago I sat in a room all day, for 3 days........
    It's different now. You can use cell phones in the room but obviously not if you are called.
    Should be fun, I'll let ya know how it turns out.
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