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    I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask my question.
    I hope it is.

    My laundry dryer vent ends in a closed box(with a filter in it) on the wall of my garage. My neighbor tells me the vent should be connected to the outside. This would mean drilling a hole on the garage wall. Who should I contact to do the job?

    Thanks, Jonatw

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    Any HVAC company can do this. It might have to be re-routed though depending on where it is.

    It's best to keep it under 20' long and using as few elbows as possible (1 or 2 is ok, but no more if possible).

    I doubt it's a real serious thing that it blows out into the garage. Having said that, it will rust things faster (cars, tools etc), and that much more humidity would be better off outside.

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    you will thank yourself if you terminate that dryer vent outside . If you allow it to vent to the garage you will end up with lint everywhere in the garage and in and around the internal parts of the dryer.
    It will turn the garage into a humid mess

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    Sound advice

    Thank you two so much for sound advice. Everytime I'm lost I always find great advice on this forum. A handman will terminate the vent outside on Tuesday.

    Have a happy Labor Day weekend.


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