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    So many guys fight this month in and out. I got friends that work for other shops all over the Metro area. And they all ***** about their turn being on call, yet they look at me as a self employed and think I have got it made. Cause I got it dso easy you know. Yeagh Right?

    There is a group of us that meet for beers every once in awhile, and the conversation always always comes up. And I am constatnly telling these guys, that they should feel lucky they only get it once a month or what have you, that I am on call 24 / 7. I tell them they could not survive as I have simply due to their not wanting to work beyond the normal work day.

    I work when the work is asked of me. One thing I have come to terms with is, if you want to be your own contractor and like staying small and on your own, your schedule will never be predictable. I can be standing down for a week and a half, and then boom, I am working for the next 3 weeks, 7 days, 18 hours a day. I have days where I have nothing going on, which I truly have learned to cherish, then 8 pm, the phone rings and then I am out all night. MY wife, my kids, my extended family, they all understand and support me. They may not like it at times I have to cut out of a family event or what have you, and to be honest it does not happen a lot, but if I do got to bug out, they realize not only do I love what I do, that there are customers who count on me to be available like that and that, it pays well.

    And I don't just jump. Say I am in the middle of dinner, or a movie with the kids. I wait till I am done, then go chase the call. I don't let anyone push me into the mentality that I should be there yesterday.

    This type of trade takes an enourmous commitment of your self, and no Nancy Boys allowed.

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    Cool As the owner, it's my decision

    Took a call at 4:00 Friday night for a sump serving a toilet and laundry backing up. Since my company didn't install it, I told her to call Roto Rooter.
    Would have sent someone if it was our install.

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    Re: WWHHAATTT????

    Originally posted by NedFlanders
    Originally posted by condenseddave
    I'm on 0600 Sunday 'til 0600 Monday. Probably not get home 'til late Monday morning....
    Dave , I thought you were always on ?
    You actually take days off ?

    And I thought you were a refrigeration machine .(what is the world coming to?)

    You guys don't read the news too often, do you?

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    someone made the judgment call that I was once more with a crummy outfit.

    hmmm.... maybe you should be a head hunter ... locating good contractors for good service mechanics to work for.
    if you got that kind of discernment.... that is.

    I am thankful to be working.
    I am grateful to have this job.
    I like the people I work for and work with.
    They are not perfect, but neither am I.

    I have a lot of freedom during the day and even though it is not "top drawer" .... for right now .. it is where I work. So I am going to apply myself to the position at hand.

    just as I did at the last outfit. I did my best and didnt worry about what didnt work out.

    I was not complaining about being on call.
    Of course, few would want to be on call. And that is understandable.

    I just wanted to start this thread to see who was working this weekend. This being the worst weekend in our industry .. for the man on call.

    once in awhile I post here just to vent. It is more appropriate here than at work or around friends who dont do this sort of trade.

    as far as what might be wrong with me that I dont work for an outfit which gives me everything a mechanic could dream of having ... plus ideal working conditions and respect and such ...

    no tats.
    no four hundred pounds of body weight.
    no foul mouth.
    no drinking problem.
    no troubles with the wife.
    no problems with the law.
    no one is chasing me.
    no alimony.
    no other forsed deductions.
    no IRS issues.
    no pimples.
    no drug issues.
    no driving problems.
    laziness is not an issue either. in fact, when my co-worker radioed and said the boss just ordered us to take the rest of the day off ... on Friday .... I insisted we go finish a call where the blower ad coil needed to be removed and cleaned in order to restore suffecient airflow to the apartment.
    And that occupied us a couple of hours!
    On a Friday afternoon when I could have been enjoying a drive thru the countryside going HOME ... where I could relax for the long weekend approaching.

    so laziness is not in my vocabulary. I like to see work finished and done with.
    I am not a gas it n go type of person.

    I cannot answer your question.
    But this is not the top thing that I occupy my thoughts with.
    So I'll let someone else figure it out.

    Otherwise I'll get a complex and never be any good to anyone.

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    Stay golden R-12 , stay golden.

    See the Outsiders

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