So many guys fight this month in and out. I got friends that work for other shops all over the Metro area. And they all ***** about their turn being on call, yet they look at me as a self employed and think I have got it made. Cause I got it dso easy you know. Yeagh Right?

There is a group of us that meet for beers every once in awhile, and the conversation always always comes up. And I am constatnly telling these guys, that they should feel lucky they only get it once a month or what have you, that I am on call 24 / 7. I tell them they could not survive as I have simply due to their not wanting to work beyond the normal work day.

I work when the work is asked of me. One thing I have come to terms with is, if you want to be your own contractor and like staying small and on your own, your schedule will never be predictable. I can be standing down for a week and a half, and then boom, I am working for the next 3 weeks, 7 days, 18 hours a day. I have days where I have nothing going on, which I truly have learned to cherish, then 8 pm, the phone rings and then I am out all night. MY wife, my kids, my extended family, they all understand and support me. They may not like it at times I have to cut out of a family event or what have you, and to be honest it does not happen a lot, but if I do got to bug out, they realize not only do I love what I do, that there are customers who count on me to be available like that and that, it pays well.

And I don't just jump. Say I am in the middle of dinner, or a movie with the kids. I wait till I am done, then go chase the call. I don't let anyone push me into the mentality that I should be there yesterday.

This type of trade takes an enourmous commitment of your self, and no Nancy Boys allowed.