I just got the word .... I am pulling duty this weekend.

Boss wouldnt even tell me when I came in the shop this morning.

Oh well ... I kinda like the easy pace of most things the way they run it.

Secretary phones around five and says my check is ready to be picked up.
I tell her since I'm on duty ... I'd probably be in sometime this weekend anyway for supplies or whatever... I'd get it then. Just leave it somewhere handy.

She lives on premises, and carries her Nextel. So there's no problem there.

Since it's a long weekend .. the boss told the other guy we were to take off early. The calls were lite.

I made him go do a cleaning with me ... just to get it over with.

I was able to escape Austin City Limits without being bothered .... so far ... so good.

if y'all are on duty this Labor Day weekend ... are ya gonna pick up the phone?
Or do ya play possum?