This was posted by me in a Christian Forum I belong too, after seeing some of the posts here I felt I needed to post it here too, I just got electricity yesterday and internet today.

We got beat down pretty good with the wind, got electricity last nite, never thought about using the internet at work, sorry for all those who were worrying, but we are ok, Praise God.

BUT, dont believe the hype, yes there are some(and I mean some)bad people in New Orleans, just like any other town, BUT what the national news is not showing is the churches locally that are housing a thousand people, the churches that is cooking 5000 meals for lunch and 5000 for supper, the churches that are cooking 8000 meals for lunch and 8000 for supper, the people that are walking into shelters, grabbing a family and bringing them home so they have an actual home to stay in.

It makes me furious and it makes me sad, yes there are bad people here like anyone else, but there are alot of people with love in their heart too.

We may be backwoods, we may be coonies, but we are not trash, we are not all drugheads, we are not all looters and we are not all fools.

Please pray for the people of New Orleans, a very few stayed just to loot, thousands more stayed because they had no way out, its absolutely horrible, there are breakdowns at all levels of the government from federal to local, no one ever planned for an emergency of this size, nobody. These people were neglected at all levels and now the young, the elderly, the sick are paying the price. If yall only knew how many problems they are having, how little the number of people are being rescued everyday when many, many more could be saved, it is horrible. We can go half way across the world, destroy a country and completely rebuild it but we cant save our own people, fellow Americans, fellow Louisianans, its a disgrace and a shame. Americans should not die or suffer like these people are doing.

We appreciate all states that have welcomed the people of New Orleans and we appreciate all that are lending a helping hand.