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    I got this email from my brother in Houston...

    "Hello family and all. ~ I went to ‘Dome at 5am and helped serve breakfast to refugees. Plan to do same this weekend.

    Remarkable – very polite, well behaved, no problems of any sort!!! (the refugees; me, I was usual cranky sort at that hour!!)

    The most dramatic thing is the children and families.

    It seems the criminal element has been more or less screened out; every person I saw I would invite to my home!!!! These people are sincerely grateful, and most respectful of the help and support they are receiving…

    The people preparing food (MUST be from approved kitchen to be served by Aramark, the food services for Reliant/Astrodome) are doing a maginificent job. HISD kitchen; Aramark, and various other companies are working a miracle.

    The scenes from N.O. are tragic. The constrast with Astrodome is incredible…= improved in Dome..

    Just finished 3 or so hours (seemed like 13) loading relief supplies on truck at ch 2 which is next to our building. Massive response, thanks Houston!!

    Hello Aleve.

    - I like what I see!"

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    It is good to hear that those people are finally getting some sort of relief, and that there are good people out there that will spend their time helping.

    It is also good to hear that the criminals have been left behind . now maybee the folks that ned assistance can finally get it

    I have friends that had a home in Biloxi. They returned after the hurricane to find their home was gone---gone , nothing there.

    This entire thing is such a mess.

    How are things in Tyler? are you ever hit with hurricanes? or are you in the lower part of tornado alley?

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    Ct2, Biloxi is a shame, they got hit so hard you pretty much got out or was killed in the storm.

    I live in a city outside of Baton Rouge, an hour and a half drive from Biloxi, they have absolutely nothing in Biloxi.

    We are having issues here with gas the average wait time to get gas is 30 minutes, tempers are high, earlier today as I pulled in the gas station I watched a guy fill 3 55 gallon drums full of gas, and I got angry, but as I pulled up to the pump I saw thier license plate, Pearl River, Mississippi and knew what was going on. We met a family last night from Pearlington(sp?), they had several small gas cans in the back of their truck, when I inquired they told me what was going on. Their town is nothing but building slabs, the buildings that are still standing are churches and schools were many sought out shelter but perished in the storm, N.O. is either under water or destroyed, so they only choice they have is drive over an hour and a half to get gas. For various reasons many are coming with 55 gallon drums, for safety, for others to save fuel, etc. because many of these people are coming here to buy fuel for their whole neighborhood, I really feel for the residents of Mississippi and our prayers are with them.
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    So what the hell is going on? Is the media covering this catastrophe the same way they are covering the war in Iraq? Just dwell on the worst possible things and ignore all of the good that is happening?

    Thank you bwal2 for posting this. If we only listen to the media we will all be needing anti-depressents over feeling the world is nothing but a **** hole.

    It is good to hear how decent the majority of people are instead of how rotten a few are.

    I wonder if the jackasses blaming President Bush for the hurricane are going to give him credit for the good atitude of the real people of New Orleans? ARE YOU LISTENING DICE?, and ye shall find;..
    So always seek the Truth, not just what you want to believe to be true…
    Ecclesiastes 10:2 NIV

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    We are far enough inland to miss hurricanes, but do occasionally see a tornado.

    My wife & I, and several friends, spent Sunday afternoon in a Red Cross training meeting.
    We will be "official" volunteers as soon as we are screened. We have our cell phones on & expect to relieve others, already serving. Several churches & schools are receiving "our friends from Louisiana", and are staffed by volunteers only.

    We are several hours from New Orleans, and are just now getting busloads of people.

    Robin, there ARE good things happening, and there are good people.
    They just don't make the news.

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