I got this email from my brother in Houston...

"Hello family and all. ~ I went to ‘Dome at 5am and helped serve breakfast to refugees. Plan to do same this weekend.

Remarkable – very polite, well behaved, no problems of any sort!!! (the refugees; me, I was usual cranky sort at that hour!!)

The most dramatic thing is the children and families.

It seems the criminal element has been more or less screened out; every person I saw I would invite to my home!!!! These people are sincerely grateful, and most respectful of the help and support they are receiving…

The people preparing food (MUST be from approved kitchen to be served by Aramark, the food services for Reliant/Astrodome) are doing a maginificent job. HISD kitchen; Aramark, and various other companies are working a miracle.

The scenes from N.O. are tragic. The constrast with Astrodome is incredible…= improved in Dome..

Just finished 3 or so hours (seemed like 13) loading relief supplies on truck at ch 2 which is next to our building. Massive response, thanks Houston!!

Hello Aleve.

- I like what I see!"