I sent the cross a hundred bucks, it's not a lot and yeah I could do better, but I decided on a hundred.

I'm not into donations very much the 9-11 thing really ticked me off, when they started collecting to save money for the kids of people that got killed to college, what a crock of crap. Is anyone going to send these minorities that have been treated worse than cattle in New Orleans to college when this is over ?

I think it won't even be mentioned, do you see my paralell ? and my disgust with the fund that was doing that during 9-11. The point was, those people during 9-11 that lost loved ones and parents deserved as much relief as they could get, but the fact is that people die every day and no fireman stands at an intersection to collect money for their kids to go to college.Two days after 9-11 a man was killed in an explosion in a factory not 1 mile from me, it barely made the news, I turned to my wife and I said do you think they will collect for his kid to go to college.