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    I should feel guilty pigging out while so many are starving in the hurricane zone...

    But the weather was about as perfect as it could be so we had a company cookout!

    Didn't move many of these...

    But babybacks and chickies went well!

    Scottie sure can cook...sells pretty good too!

    And play with his food too! Don't drop it on Ron's head, he's installing your sale today!

    Even the old man ate with us. Said our cookout was better than the food he gets at his Rotary Club meeting today.

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    looks great..but when the customer finds out what the a/c company he called to fix his unit did at his house did while he was gone..he's gona be mad
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    whats up with the baldloonie triplets, man thats scary.

    You never told us there were three of you's.

    Food looks good put to formal of a setting, you should have had the BBQ in a park or backyard.

    Oh and are you guys watching daytime soaps or what or worse?
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    It's nice when you can kick back with the co-workers and blow off the day with a bunch of good food and bull shit stories.

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    Damn, those babyback looks good! been awhile since I've had them! I must get some before summer is gone!

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