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    Sorry for the multiple posts everyone, just thought I would break up my questions. I am looking at installing a new HP - I have a Lennox G61V furnace and I am looking at installing an HPX12 or maybe the 15.

    One of the sales guys said they always install one of the 5" media box or electronic cleaners with HP installs. He said that the "standard" 1" filters suck and the coils will be clogged with dirt in no time with those filters.

    Ok, this all sounds nice, or is it just an excuse to charge for more gear. I realize that a better cleaner is, well, better. And there are good arguments for keeping everything nice and clean. However, I am very good about changing my 1" filters - generally I do it once every 2 months. For the cost difference in the installation and the media, I could replace filters one a month for many, many years and it still would not cost as much.

    Thoughts on this?

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    The 5" are less restrictive but many 1" are as effective. If your duct system is marginal, the 5" medias may move more air. Otherwise, if you are happy with 1" and do the maintenance, they should be similar in performance.

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    Uhh I think you need to determine what kind of filter you want. A standard 1" fiberglass is less restrictive then a 5" media filter but a 5" media filter is probably less restrictive than a 1" pleated like the 3M.

    Standard filters are fine for keeping the system clean as long as they are kept up with. Once they start to get dirty, they force increased velocity and lose their ability to filter somewhat. On the the other hand a pleated filter gets better at filtering when it starts to load up, but it can also cause real damage if not maintained.

    What ever you do, make sure you ask that the filter be easily accessable and change it frequently. For a 1' of either fiberglass or pleated you need to change it monthly, Change it on the day you pay your electric bill is a good rule. The 5" filter will last a while longer.

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    if you dont change the filter it doesnt matter what type filter you have, but i really like the 5" pleated filters.

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    If you change your cheapy blue filters like you say you do, you won't have any problems with the system from a dirty coil. Period. There are better filters, there are worse filters(hogs hair). you make the call....
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    The filters I use are paper (with folds) - I guess the standard filter from Home Depot. But as I said, I change them frequently (every 2 months). Sounds like this is adequate so I won't buy the 5" media filter system.

    Thanks for the help.

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