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    Sharpton and Jackson. Why on earth do these guys get any time on the News. They have lost all credibility, to the point they ahve gone insane. And how did you like that rapper kanye west. They have gone crazy.

    Fine. I will draw a line. All blacks on one side. I will give you all the money we got. We start with nothing. You guys get it all. We will start from scratch. See how productive a society they have. They wouldn't last. They want on their own. So let em go.

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    They merely offset the guys on the extreme end of the other side, all nutty in their own way.
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    the news media is always sticking them on tv as someone to stir up racism being their both racists. Just a fact that they use racism as a cause for them to fill their pockets. If you could ever see their true income or what little they pay in tax or hide from taxes , you would probably want to reinstate hangings. What can you expect from the huge amount of people that have been brain washed into being a burden on the system and expecting everyone to support them being they have been getting away with it for years. You are now seeing where the liberal idea of you can not survive without the state or government thinking for you or you trying to do anything for yourself. We have just begun to see the whinning of the people that feel that it is not their responsibility to control their lives and look where it got them. Nothing will change being its all about being politically correct and not doing anything to upset differant races, looters , theives, criminals, corrupt polititions,corrupt ceo of corporations, enviralmentalists, other countries, you name it. They are not into bring everyone up to a better standard, Its more about dragging everyone else down to a lower standard other then a small few. LET THE FINGER POINTING BEGIN.

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