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    That the superdome being as big as it is. If the humidity was not controlled, Clouds could form inside of it. Hummm!

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    Superdome or Astrodome? Superdome has holes in the roof, would be impossible to control humidity there. I guess it could be possible to have clouds form given the right atmospheric conditions.

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    Given the right conditions here in cali we have clouds form at ground level . Here they call it tulie fog, but whatever you call it it is still a cloud . When your temp dewpoint gets within 5 degrees of each other , the opertunity for a cloud to form exisits---maybee not when it is 100 degrees out, but it damn sure will at 40 degrees

    BTW 9,000 tons to control the comfort in that stadium----can you imagine what the bathrooms smell like now? or look like ?

    think any of those sick bastards cleaned up after themselvs

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    we were told at a carrier training course that when they first turned on the a/c in the astrodome it did rain inside. vents in the roof was the fixer for it.

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