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    I also live in Lake Charles, where our Civic Center and other areas are being used to house the New Orleans refugees. At lunch I heard of 6 carjackings, and became concerned. One of my employees called the police station, and after inquiring about reports of carjackings, told him there had been no calls of that nature. This evening the local news station was alerting people that the crimes were rumors. It is all paranoia and hysteria, which we don't have time for. Everyone is scared of these people, yet know nothing of them or why they're in the circumstances they are. There are many people whose skin shade is different than our own who are good, and there are bad ones as well. Publicly, no one will admit to being racist, but it lurks under the surface like a virus, infecting everyone. It is tragic.

    Granted, those who require assistance, may be there due to their own decisions, but what else are you going to do with them? If you want to evacuate an area, you need a destination, housing, food, money, transportation and most importantly, organization. There are an incredible number of factors involved in mass evacuation, I wonder if most people really understand the implications.

    I can only hope that this tragedy will bring greater attention and action to how we need to help those who cannot/will not support themselves (or those born into public assistance). This is a crisis that is going to affect every city which takes in these individuals. Putting them in a place where they have food, shelter and reasonable comfort isn't enough. People need more than the basics, if they aren't involved in something productive, they'll turn to something destructive. Idle hands are the devils playground.

    This disaster is going to remind us of our social problems that we still have in this country. And we need to focus our attention here, along with our own resources. We have more terrorists on our own soil than we want to recognize.

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    good point breadmeister2
    there but for the grace of god, go all of us

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    Can we not fly cargo planes to the area?
    Can we not drive refrigerated semi trailers to the area?

    Can we not transport the necessities by trucks, trailers, planes, helicopters, etc?


    We are doing all of the afore mentioned. I am in Cali and c-130's are being loaded up here and they are flying in relief packages . They are holding fund raisers asking people to donate cash

    But none of that is going to do any good when you have a gang of people running around with the new AK-47's robbing the relief effort of anything they can get

    Can you imagine this kinda s##t going on at the end of WW2
    Good and Honesty is a thing of the past.

    You would think that the people trapped in that area would do all they could to help each other through this.
    instead they have been sitting around expecting someone else to do something for them, and whern they got tired of waiting thats when the killing began.

    are they to stupid to see the problems they have created themselvs? What did they possibly think shooting at the heilicopter would do


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    Originally posted by ct2

    But none of that is going to do any good when you have a gang of people running around with the new AK-47's robbing the relief effort of anything they can get


    This is America and it is a great country for many reasons but one of the problems here as I see it is the government is afraid to piss off the a.c.l.u., n.a.a.c.p., hell even the humane society
    How may of these crimes would happen if the perpetrator knew they was going to die for it? I have said here before let them loot for anything edible you can’t blame them along with clothing and diapers they need these things
    But anyone caught carrying a television down the street should be shot, Period.
    And keep shooting them clear out the scum and let what limited supplies that are getting there get to the decant people there
    But again we can’t do this because this is America as much as I love this country I would like to see a few politicians grow a set of balls and stand up for the good people in THIS country.
    Just my 2 cents worth

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    Well, if we're going to piss off the ACLU and NAACP, how about we include the NRA? I believe in the right to bear arms, and having grown up with guns and hunting, we have the right to maintain them. However, what you're saying smacks of racism. I am conservative, and agree that the controls over pubilc assistance are too loose, and a lot needs to be done about it. But unless you get involved in helping solve the problem, all you're doing is adding fuel to an already raging fire that only a few, underequipped firefighters are hoplessly fighting.

    If there was GUN CONTROL, which I will state again, I do not believe in, then, there wouldn't be as many guns available to be stolen, if any.

    I haven't read the reports that closely, but I don't think any of the weapons fired were AK-47's. It's just a gun that makes a good sound bite. More than likely, the guns stolen were shotguns, pistols and rifles, which can be found in any Wal Mart, pawn shop and hunting store.

    This situation has brought to the forefront the critical problems we have not been addressing with our own citizens. I believe we need to teach people the rewards of a job well done, which might lead them to be proud of their contribution. And hopefully, motivate them to repeat their positive actions so we can all benefit.

    Granted, there are always going to be bad apples, but going in with guns blazing is not going to solve the problem. It hasn't worked anywhere or anytime in history, and invariably, it backfires.

    We need to look at this problem the same way we look at our businesses, and how we treat and motivate employees to be proud of their work, especially when they do a great job.

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    Originally posted by breadmeister2
    More than likely, the guns stolen were shotguns, pistols and rifles, which can be found in any Wal Mart, pawn shop and hunting store.
    Granted, there are always going to be bad apples, but going in with guns blazing is not going to solve the problem. It hasn't worked anywhere or anytime in history, and invariably, it backfires.
    Bull!!! These people who were are still are rioting, looting, murdering and raping were NOT upstanding, respectable citizen's of their community! Plain and simple they were and are low-life, scumbag thugs. I have dealt with these type of people before, ANY and I mean, ANY opportunity they get they will do this. Do you really think that if Walmart and the pawn shops didn't have any guns they wouldn't be out there doing the same thing. Yes they added to the gun power but thugs and gangbangers don't usually get their guns from a store. The old saying is true, "If you outlaw guns then only outlaws will have guns!"

    Bad Apples? How about ROTTING NUTS!! Let's go in there and tell them they're ok and we're ok. Oooooo, smell the flowers. Gunfire deserves gunfire. If you are causing the problem then you need to be taking care of one way or another. Either come quietly or we'll make you go quietly.

    I went through Andrew in 92 and was faced with similar situations, the only difference was upstanding citizen's were armed and took control until the authorities could. There were isolated situations but not the widespread problem we are seeing now.

    Respect, awareness, community involvement and personal sacrifice are what makes a good citizen, not someone telling me I'm doing a good job.

    Now what I have just wrote may been way out of context but this is the way I see it. If I have offended you, I apologize, but I don't agree.


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    There needs to be a apache combat aviation wing in the air right now.

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    I live by the racetrack in Vinton, but work in Texas. I only went by what was reported by the newscast. So if that was a false report I heard, then that is a good thing.

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    While I doubt that it is of biblicalcal proportion, I do beleive that it is huge but the reality is that a lot of worse things can happen in this country, What happens when a big quake hits CA without much more than an hour or two of warning, that will approach biblical, this New Oleans thing will seem like a mere nuisance.

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    Originally posted by jultzya
    Can we not fly cargo planes to the area?
    transport the necessities by planes, helicopters, etc?

    I think the support from the government to these people is pretty sad to say the least!
    Didn't you know the airports in the NO area are OOC? And if they weren't don't ya think they would've thought of that already? Why do ya think that the Air Force dispatched a Spec. Ops. team to try to re-open the airport?

    The intelligence shown by some of you people dismays me. What amazes me more is that some of you actually think you're the first ones to think of some of your (not-so-bright) ideas.

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    By Biblical proportions I meant that the people have been exposed to all kinds of toxic waste, dead people, etc. Then you take all of these people who may be infected and spread them all around the southern states and these people are contagious and then you have a chain reaction. There is no way that every single evacuee can be checked out upon being discharged from the N.O area.

    For example, school has just started and there are kids already coming home with lice. We have instructed our kids to stay away from any funky looking kids who do not appear to take baths or are properly taken care of by their parents. But lice is minor compared to tuburculosis.

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    I heard the folks on national public radio along with Ed Schultz and Randi Rhodes (liberal talk show talking heads) yelling about why hasn't the gov't put out the word to all helicopter owners and flat bottom boat owners to get their asses down to NO. The stupidity is incredible. Until the site is secureed by the guard, the rescuers are fair gamr not only for the gangs but for the good folk who would understandably rush the boats and sink them through their need to be removed from the situation.

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