I also live in Lake Charles, where our Civic Center and other areas are being used to house the New Orleans refugees. At lunch I heard of 6 carjackings, and became concerned. One of my employees called the police station, and after inquiring about reports of carjackings, told him there had been no calls of that nature. This evening the local news station was alerting people that the crimes were rumors. It is all paranoia and hysteria, which we don't have time for. Everyone is scared of these people, yet know nothing of them or why they're in the circumstances they are. There are many people whose skin shade is different than our own who are good, and there are bad ones as well. Publicly, no one will admit to being racist, but it lurks under the surface like a virus, infecting everyone. It is tragic.

Granted, those who require assistance, may be there due to their own decisions, but what else are you going to do with them? If you want to evacuate an area, you need a destination, housing, food, money, transportation and most importantly, organization. There are an incredible number of factors involved in mass evacuation, I wonder if most people really understand the implications.

I can only hope that this tragedy will bring greater attention and action to how we need to help those who cannot/will not support themselves (or those born into public assistance). This is a crisis that is going to affect every city which takes in these individuals. Putting them in a place where they have food, shelter and reasonable comfort isn't enough. People need more than the basics, if they aren't involved in something productive, they'll turn to something destructive. Idle hands are the devils playground.

This disaster is going to remind us of our social problems that we still have in this country. And we need to focus our attention here, along with our own resources. We have more terrorists on our own soil than we want to recognize.