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    Going to retrofit an old Infinity with reverse recip--any suggestions

    I have an 11 year old Infinity heat pump with one of those reverse reciprocating compressors by Bristol. If the compressor goes out I would like to hook up two 1.5 compressors in tandem. How would I do this? Do you use a check valve so that one does not back feed the other when only one is running?

    It is a 3/1.5 ton capable unit

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    Probably the most important thing is an oil equalization line to go between the 2 compressors. To do this, you can get compressors with roto-lock type oil sight glasses on them. Unscrew the sight glasses, screw in some roto-lock adapters, and rig up some piping to hook the 2 compressors together (with another sight glass in the middle of the piping so you can see the oil level if you want). If you can't find compressors with the sight glass on them, you could drill a hole in the crankcase of each compressor and silver-solder some piping into the steel compressor to accomplish the same thing. I am just thinking out loud here, but maybe to find out where to drill the holes you could run a torch up and down on the lower half of the compressors and then use your hand (or an IR temp gun) to find where the oil level is, then drill right there. Then, connect the discharge lines together with a tee in the center of the piping to go to your condenser, then do the same with the suction lines. You shouldn't need any check valves.

    Let us know if you actually go though with it and how it works out.

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