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    we run our plant at 20% glycol and sometimes pull our chilled water down to 37 degrees, i was wondering if that could ever be an issue with us.
    Ok think about what you just said ......... 20% glycol and 37 degree water ......water freezes at 32degrees so why would water with 20% glycol turn to jello ?????
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    I kind of remember a 20% mixture freezing at 16 degrees.. you sounded smart and i thought you were going to come up with some scientific equation about how the glycol breaks down and at what flow and temperature.

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    20% DowFrost (PG) freezes at 19.2F.
    20% DowTherm (EG) freezes at 17.9F

    if you slow your glycol flow down below the recommended minimum flow rate, the glycol next to the tubes can freeze and the glycol in the middle of the tube will not freeze. so then your chiller tries harder and gets less cooling out of it.

    i don't know about glycol breaking down, but pudding......
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