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    I'm looking at purchasing a 5 ton 13ACX-060 or XC13 OR XC14.. All these would be paired with a CBX26UH-060 Air handler.. Any recommendations on which unit would be better? All these are from the same installer..

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    If you are going with that air handler I would go with the XC13 or 14. The 13ACX is a noncommunicating unit. It will only be signaled on, off, heat or cool by the air handler. If you go with the XC models there is a data connection between your air handler, and outdoor unit, taking full advantage of you icomfort thermostat. It will cost a little more, but if your going to invest that kind of money in the air handler, you might as well spend a little extra on the outdoor unit, to take full advantage of the icomfort system.

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