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    Already did; with a single stage stat the furnace will come on when thermostat calls for heat, stay on low fire unless the furnace continues operation past whatever time the contractor set the controls for, at which time will go into high fire until thermostat is satisfied.

    With a two stage stat the furnace will respond to either the first stage of heat by operating on low fire or the second stage of heat by operating on high fire. How much heat is put out is determined by your actual needs.

    The benefits of the two stage stat are that if you come home after having set the temperature low while you are out, the furnace will warm up your home quicker. Likewise, if someone has left a door open to bring in groceries or has opened a window because something was overcooked or the dog farted (yea, I know, it's always the dog ), then the thermostat will respond to the rapid drop in temperature and tell the furnace to heat up the home faster.

    With the single stage stat the furnace will need to wait out the low fire program before the high fire will kick in to warm up your home quicker under adverse conditions such as I mentioned.
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    Thanks...I did call the installer he said it is a single stage and its timed for 10 minutes on the low setting and will kick into high if needed after that time. I guess if me and my husband does not like the way it cycles he can always rewire and buy a 2 stage thermostat himself. BTW I don't have a dog my son has allergies, I would love a dog fart in my house though. Again thanks for your input.

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    except that you might not be able to rewire, at least not without some extra expense. A 2 stage stat will require 2 extra wires, so replacing the one with the other later is not just like swapping 2 regular stats. If they are doing wiring now, get them to pull in the bundle that can support a 2 stage stat in the future.

    Or better yet, ask them what the price difference between the 2 stage that they sold you and now want to only partially use with a single stage furnace. You'll find that you have a lot of money invested in this 2 stage business and you really should blow the extra $50 or $75 to get the proper thermostat!

    Here's an example, it's cold outside, so your heat comes on high and heats up the house, then switches off, now it starts to get cold, heat, off, hot, cold, hot cold, hot, cold. And with a 2 stage furnace running in 10 minute delay it will be worse when you first come home and turn up the heat. Turns on, but in low and you have to wait 10 minutes before it goes into high and actually heats up the house! Or you can have the 2 stage where it goes to high right away, then switches to low and just keeps the temperature nice and even. You're paying for that comfort, get the right thermostat.

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    now Im getting sad
    with a 4 day weekend I guess my husband can pull the proper wires and see what the installer wants to upgrade me to a 2 stage thermostat

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    As a sales person for a company and in the big scope of customer service and the money being spent for a properally installed and designed comfort system, I would not charge any addition money for the wire but would have charged for the proper 2-stage thermostat. I also like the Honeywell Vision-Pro.

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