The wife and I have talked about it. And we have just been ripped apart watching this on the News. We have been broke. We have been with 5 bucks in checking, two kids, not a pot to piss in, with no prospects. And we were just saying, Imagine if we had to endure a hurricane, when we were that broke, what on earth wouyld we have done.

I sit here and I am in a unique position. I am a self employed refrigeration contractor, and financially things are well for us, better said, I am in great shape. I am always slower in winter, and could create it so that it is even slower, and I would have business on my return garunteed.

I am willing to go down there and offer my time, my tools, my skills to provide on site emergency refrigeration repair for all the emergency equipment assets. Anyone know where to go and put my name on a list and if they need me they can call.